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Director: James Nutt

Sound: Steve Hodge, Stephen Hopkins

Location researcher: Olivia Lands

Runner: Steff Boulton

Food Producer: Justine Pattison

Food Stylist: Claire Bignell

Nutritionist: Fiona Hunter

Editor: Charlie Denholm and Frederick Brown

Graphics: Scott Lockhart

Presenter: Rupy Aujla

BBC Food commissioned 18 recipe focussed films. The series, ‘COOKING IN THE DOCTOR'S KITCHEN’ promotes accessible, delicious food with a plant-based, nutritional focus. Presented by Dr. Rupy Aujla, a practising doctor and advocate of the medicinal effect of eating well the films blend scientific nutrition information with a passion for flavour and cooking. The series helps equip home cooks with the basic skills they need to recreate healthy and balanced meals themselves.

Due for release summer 2019

Exec Producer: Andy Glynne

Producer: Auriol Wyles

BBC Producer: Ceri Elms

BBC Exec Producer: Emily Angle