These presenter driven, live action films utilise animation and motion graphics to bring to life essential topics in the GCSE Chemistry syllabus. These films, presented by the super talented Fran Scott, brings to life the complex subject matter in this syllabus, breaking them down so they are accessible to students of all capabilities.

Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Director: Andy Glynne
Producer: Molly Bond
Assistant Producer: Auriol Wyles
Researcher: Federico Barni
Consultant: Nora Henry
Writer: Chris Lindsay
Animation: Salvador Maldonado, Jamal Bennett
Designer: Joshua Brent
Storyboard Artist: Dean Richards
Sound and Music: Alex Parsons

Live action credits

Director of Photography: Simon Rowling
Camera Operator: Josh Bamber
Sound Recordist: Ewan Dryburgh
Autocue operator: Naomi Hancock
Floor runners: Leo Wyard, Maria Ventura
Set Consultant: Sunit Patel
Editor: Clémentine Bartaud
Presenter: Fran Scott