An engaging and lighthearted animated guide to key topics in WJEC GCSE Religion using cut-out archival images. The films covers key areas of the syllabus, including: Tawhid, the Image of God, Catholic Sacraments, the Diversity of Christianity, the Shema, the Nature of God and Jesus as God Incarnate.
Narrated by the great talents Robert Wilfort (in English) and Eiry Thomas (in Welsh), the films are fast paced, fun and engaging.

Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Directors: Salvador Maldonado, Scott Lockhart
Assistant Producer: Emily Harrison
Writer: Dan England
Production Assistants: Leo Wyard, George Newman
Animation: Scott Lockhart, Daniel Denton, Peque Valera
Cut-out Artists: Ada Landau, Will Oyowe, Jack Sheppard
Music and Sound Design: Marco Martini