Seeking refuge | BAFTA WINNER Children's 2012

Seeking Refuge is multi-awarded, BAFTA-winning series of animated documentaries for BBC exploring the experiences young refugees and asylum seekers who are living in the UK. Using the testimonies of five young people we worked with animators to tell their story visually. Mosaic Films have a unique reputation for innovating the use of animation and documentary together. The films formed a key part of Refugee Week in June 2012.


Tells the story of 10-year-old Ali from Afghanistan. As the war in Afghanistan escalated, Ali fled with his grandmother to Britain and was separated from his parents who were unable to leave. This film explores the pain of his separation, as well as what it was like to live in a foreign country where he did not speak the language and without knowing whether his parents were still alive. Despite now having contact with them, Ali and his parents have still not been reunited. Ali describes his hopes of one day seeing them again.

Producer/Director: Andy Glynne
Animation Director: Salvador Maldonado
Illustration and Design: Tom Clohosy Cole
Additional illustration: Laura Bird
Character Design: Salvador Maldonado and Tom Clohosy Cole
Animation and Compositing: Salvador Maldonado, Federico Parodi


Features 17-year-old Rachel who escaped her country of origin having suffered years of persecution because of her religion. After settling into life in the UK and enjoying her first experience of a normal childhood, she was suddenly sent to a detention centre and then deported back to her country. Having escaped a second time to the UK, Rachel finally received a letter confirming she was allowed to stay in the country. Rachel intends to study law, so she can help others who have suffered in a similar way.

Producer/Director: Andy Glynne
Animation Director: Salvador Maldonado
Background Designer: Tom Clohosy Cole
Animation Assistant: Peque Varela
Music and Sound Design: Alex parsons


When Navid’s father’s life was in danger, he fled their home in Iran and came to the UK. A couple of years later, Navid and his mother followed, and travelled a long journey to England, mostly overland.

Now 16, Navid describes the difficult journey he and his mother took when he was five, as well as how it felt adjusting to life in the UK.

Producer/Director: Andy Glynne
Animation Director: Jonathan Topf
Animation Assistant: Frankie Swan
Music and Sound Design: Alex parsons


Features 12-year-old Juliane who spent years in a Zimbabwean orphanage before being reunited with her mother.

Escaping together to the UK, Juliane continues to suffer from the effects of being separated at a young age, but is supported by her school who are helping her deal with her experiences.

Producer/Director: Andy Glynne
Animation Director: Karl Hammond
Animation created by: Mummu
Animation Assistant: Matthias Hoegg and Emily Lay
Music and Sound Design: Alex parsons


Features 10-year-old Rachel Hamid from Eritrea who had to flee his country, and how he has found adjusting to life in the UK.

Having had to leave behind his father who was later killed, Hamid describes the struggles of coming to terms with his father’s death, as well as settling into a new country.

Producer/Director: Andy Glynne
Assistant producer: Amanda Scott
Animation Director: Tom Senior
Animation Assistant: Sarah Beeby
Music and Sound Design: Alex parsons