Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Producer: Kerry McLeod
Animation Director: Nandita Jain
Narrator: Robert Web
Music and Sound Design: Alex Parsons

What Makes Me Me? And Other Interesting Questions is a humorous and engaging series of short films voiced by Robert Webb, exploring fundamental philosophical concepts through everyday questions that children ask, and adults often struggle to answer.

Using a combination of beautifully animated parables and live-action discussions with children, the series asks questions like, ‘What’s fair?’, ‘Why should I be good?’ and ‘What makes me, me?’. Aimed at children in Key Stage 2 (aged 7 – 11) and narrated by comedian Robert Webb, these films artfully lead children through practical, philosophical journeys where they are encouraged to think laterally and creatively.

What makes me me? | Animated segments

The animations are adapted from stories from Jason Buckley (The Philosophy Man) and Peter Worley’s The If Machine, and explore concepts such as morality, identity, perception and equality, linking them to topics of study in the curriculum and also to themes and subject matter relevant to young people. Intercut with live-action discussions with children responding to the stories in a philosophical dialogue, these films provide a highly engaging and stimulating resource aimed at developing more in-depth thought and discussion.

What Makes Me, Me? And Other Interesting Questions was commissioned by Katy Jones for BBC Learning Zone.