Mosaic- Films Winner RTS 2017

When I Worry About Things: Real Life Stories of Children Managing Difficult Feelings When I Worry About Things is a series animated documentaries, produced for the BBC that use personal testimony to explore mental health issues from the perspective of children. Childhood mental ill health has become an incredibly important, but often overlooked issue and these films offer a glimpse into some of the most common difficulties that younger children (8-13) might experience.  These films are part of a Mosaic’s tradition of making award-winning animated documentaries about important psychological and social issues created by Mosaic’s CEO, Andy Glynne.

Executive Producer and Director: Andy Glynne
Producer: Anita Norfolk
Animation Director: Liam O’Connor
Animation Produced by: Picnic Studios
Senior Researcher: Rachel Bailey
Executive Producers for BBC: Moray London & Joe McCulloch

OCD and depression | Annabels' Story

An animated film that uses the testimony of a young girl called Annabel to create an intimate portrait of how coping with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) can feel. Annabel explains how her compulsions affected her daily life at school and at home, and ultimately led her to reaching rock bottom before she received help.

Being a bully | Ariana's story

Using real testimony, this film provides unique and a rare insight into the other side of bullying, in which Ariana explores what it means to become a bully, and what eventually led her to stop.

Being bullied | Jake's story

A powerful and disturbing animated film using Jakes testimony, about how he suffered severe bullying at school and how this eroded his self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.

Anorexia | Kirsty's story

An animated film based on the first-person testimony of a young girl called Kirsty, who developed anorexia as a response to social anxiety and became so thin she was hospitalised before seeking help. What is unsettling – and a growing trend – is how young she was when her difficulties with eating began

Panic attacks | Luke and Jenny's stories

An animated film which tells the intimate story of two young people suffering from severe panic attacks, and how they learned to cope.