This BBC Learning series uses cut-out archival illustrations and photographs, mixed with original artwork and infographics to bring to life GCSE Citizenship. The series focuses on key questions concerning UK citizenship in general, as well as more specific questions surrounding citizenship in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Director: Nandita Jain
Animation Producer: Nandita Jain
Producer: Auriol Wyles
Researchers: Federico Barni, Faye Planer
Narration: Jessica Knappett, Greg McHugh, Elis James
and Bronagh Waugh.

Writer: Dan England
Animation: Nandita Jain, Jack Caulfield
Design: Sam Moore
Cut-out Artist: Dominic Davies
Sound and Music: Marco Martini
Consultants: Chris Waller (ACT) and Christian Borresson