Director of Animation: Salvador Maldonado

Lead Character Design: Eleanor Hunter

Additional Character Design: Rui Tinbu

Concept Background Design & Colour Scripts: Maxime Dupuy

Junior Background Designer: Faith-Maria Ijelu

Additional Background Design: Laura Bartlett

Lead Compositor: Salvador Maldonado

Compositing and animation: Philip Askins, Scott Lockhart

Character 2D Animation: Eleanor Hunter, Rachel Trebecki

Additional 2D Animation: Diana Buzea, Ryan Fairbanks, Cal Weir and Bartosz Zarzycki

Storyboard: Laura Bartlett, Ryan Fairbanks and Bartosz Zarzycki

Composition and Sound Design: Marco Martini

Office runners: Steff Boulton, Collette Howe and Olivia Lands

BBC Producer: Alex Harris

BBC Exec Producer: Andrew Tomlinson

My Troubled Mind is a 6 part series for BBC Teach. Through real testimony, this series explores teenage mental health. It will act as a springboard for discussions on mental ill-health in PSHE lessons in secondary school - a topic that is still widely misunderstood and unrecognised. It covers a variety of topics, from self harm, eating disorders, anxiety, depression and addiction.

We hope to raise awareness and understanding of mental health in young people. We also hope that it can act as a beacon of hope for the young people who might be going through similar problems. These films are part of a Mosaic’s tradition of making award-winning animated documentaries about important psychological and social issues created by Mosaic’s CEO, Andy Glynne.

With thanks to: Jack, India, Chloe, Eleanor, Ryan, Sam and Aneekah for their contributions and to all the other young people we interviewed. Thanks to Dr. Annie Waring, and Jan Lever for their essential involvement. Thanks to Eva Palacios for helping bring the team together! To all the charities, organisations and CAMHS centres who helped find the participants, shape and guide this content. To all the team at Soho Square Studios for their wonderful support.


Director: Salvador Maldonado

Producer: Auriol Wyles

Exec Producer and Co-Director: Andy Glynne

Associate Producer: Emily Harrison

Assistant Producer: Maria Kuzmenko