Mosaic Films is a well-established documentary and animation production company with a proud history of making award-winning creative documentaries and animated films in the UK and throughout the world.

Mosaic Films is a well-established documentary and animation production company with a proud history of making award-winning creative documentaries and animated films in the UK and throughout the world. Mosaic is known for its innovate approach to subject matter and style, and has won numerous awards – including 3 BAFTAs and multiple RTS (Royal Television Society) Awards. Its portfolio includes the award- winning ‘To Courtney with Love’, the series ‘A Year in Tibet’, the multi award-winning animated documentary series ‘Seeking Refuge’ and :”Animated Minds” and - most recently -the award-winning “Out of Thin Air” a psychological “True Crime” documentary for BBC Storyville and Netflix. We are part of the Mosaic Family of production companies, including the motion design studio MoMo.

Mosaic’s strength is in telling compelling stories - often about human rights, social justice, psychology, mental health and those aspects of what it means to be human, that are often left until.  We pride ourselves in using engaging - and often novel - ways of telling visual stories, and have made long format feature documentaries, TV series, New and Current Affairs,  as well as musical documentaries, animated documentaries (We’re proud of our unique position in having made over 100 short animated documentaries), and a wealth of short films for both for broadcasters as well as increasingly digital distribution on new and emerging platforms. 

We have a wealth of experience making films in some of the most challenging production environments in the world. The Mosaic producers have worked extensively in Russia, the Middle East, India the Far East and in Africa. We have had offices in both Moscow and Jerusalem and have made films in most parts of the world, We have particular expertise  in working with film-makers native to the country in which a particular project is located. Mosaic is proud to have worked with filmmakers from Russia, Pakistan, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, India, Israel, Palestine, Nigeria, Malaysia,  Japan, and every country in the original European Union.



Andy Glynne | CEO

Andy is a double-BAFTA winning director, producer and author. He is currently the Managing Director of Mosaic Films, and is the Founding CEO of the Documentary Filmmakers Group – the UK’s national documentary organisation. He is the former CEO of One World Media, the UK’s charity to support the coverage of the developing world in UK Media, and the Chairman of the European Documentary Network (EDN). Andy has directed and produced over 50 films for broadcasters both in the UK and overseas.

Colin Luke | Executive Producer

Colin is the founder of Mosaic Films, is an award-winning producer/director. He has worked in television for over 30 years and has made numerous international and domestic series, single films and one-off specials, working with the BBC, ITV, Channel Four and various American stations. Colin has lectured on digital production throughout Europe, has served as deputy Vice Chairman of BAFTA and is currently on the board of the Directors and Producers Rights Society. Colin was one of the pioneers of using the first camcorders in television documentaries. He was responsible for the hugely successful and reputed ‘Mosaic Method’ of creative documentary filmmaking in which scores of new and emerging filmmakers would film narratives overseas, guided by Mosaic Films, which Colin then directed in the cutting room.

Anita Norfolk | Producer

British/Norwegian Anita Norfolk has been with Mosaic since January 2014, where she is currently working as a Producer across a slate of feature documentaries intended for theatrical release, as well as producing shorter factual programming for broadcast, most recently for NHK. Past projects have included working on Mosaic’s output for BBC Learning, and the most recent Matters of Life and Death for the BBC.Anita has an MSc in Film Studies from the University of Edinburgh, and an MA in documentary Directing (distinction) from Edinburgh College of Art. Prior to joining Mosaic Anita worked across both documentary and fiction, most notably directing and producing a segment for Tom Tykwer and the Wachowskis’ feature film Cloud Atlas. She also has considerable experience in animation production, working for Rockstar Games on best-selling titles Grand Theft Auto IV, L.A Noire and Red Dead Redemption.

Salvador Maldonado | Director of Animation

Salvador graduated from the National Film and Television School in 2004, and has since directed and worked on numerous feature length and short films, winning two BAFTA’s for this work, and nominations for a further two. Working with Andy Glynne, he was Director of Animation on the BAFTA winning “Over and Over and Over Again” and worked on the development of the feature length animation, Peter and the Wolf, as well as the award-winning short animation, Night Island. He was a Director of Animation on Mosaic's BAFTA winning series “Seeking Refuge”, and Co-Director of Mosaic’s BAFTA Wining “I Can’t Go To School Today” for the BBC.

Assistant Producer | Auriol Wyles

Auriol studied History and Film at the University of Sussex. Since her graduation she has worked for numerous production companies, producing live events, short films and music videos as well as online content for a range of commercial and broadcast clients. Auriol joined the Mosaic team in January 2017 and has worked on their educational content output as an assistant producer on projects, including BBC Teach’s Medicine Through Time and the A-Z of Religion and numerous other projects.

Dan England | Lead Writer

Dan is a writer who has contributed to much of Mosaic’s Learning & Educational output, including being the lead writer on over 70 KS1 Explainer short animations, the co-author of Tales from Around the World, and numerous more short animations for BBC Learning and other platforms. He is currently co-writing the screenplay for a feature length animation that Mosaic has in development.